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November 18 2017

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No please

People commenting like we don’t know that Bluetooth headsets exist and like we cling to outdated tech. No, but until that tech is better and more affordable then I’m not interested in being the guinea pig.

To replace a headset if you lose it is much more expensive, and Bluetooth is sill a huge battery suck which means we’ll get less out of our phones.

There are also many, many cars that don’t support Bluetooth but instead have a jack.

People aren’t upset because of silliness or knowing less about tech than you. They have their own legitimate reasons.

As someone who has a bluetooth headset and loves it, I hate the move away from 3,5 jacks on devices.

The sound over wireless is pretty good these days and the battery drain while noticeable isn’t as tragic either, but the removal of the jack is still a money grabbing anti-consumer move.

Apple might make fun of the connector for not having evolved for so long but that’s because it does exactly what we need. Nobody thinks that electrical outlets are bad for not getting an upgrade every five years, that would be silly and make everyone’s lives difficult. This is the same case.

The jack is an universal standard, doesn’t matter if you have cheap earbuds or and expensive set of studio monitors they still use the same connector, you can plug them to your phone, laptop, the plane’s on board entertainment system or your super expensive audiophile set up.

Getting rid of the jack does several things. It drives the cost of the device down. The manufacturer no longer has to include a DAC or an amp. While you pay the same money for your phone, you now have to pay extra for headphones that already have that stuff built in.

It’s also no wonder this has been started by Apple who now owns Beats. The thing about wireless headphones is they need batteries. And batteries only live for so long. And are not replaceable. Yay for being forced to buy new headphones every couple years even if the old set is perfectly fine other than not holding a charge.

I love wireless headphones, not having to deal with cords is great. Being able to do chores around the house listening to music without having to carry your phone is awesome. But people being angry about the demise of the jack without a proper real replacement (not that we needed one in the first place) are not some philistines or luddites. They just see the obviously anti-consumer move designed to screw them over and take more money out of their pockets and are not ready to cheer for that as some sort of a technological win.

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And if you wanna continue working with them, I won’t hold it against you.

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Tyler Hoechlin on the set of Bigger

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Never forget how fucking easily it happens. 

Fascists are to be destroyed, not debated.

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Hey everyone! If you follow me on Twitter, you know how crazy excited and busy I’ve been while making this Sterek standee :))

The Standee will have 3 pieces that get attached to one base. You can add lights around it and keep it next to your bed, desk, wherever you want! :))

I added it to my shop on Tictail (link in pics), so everyone can pre order theirs before I send it to production tomorrow. Can’t wait to have them with me and start shipping to everyone! I have so many ideas on how to wrap them, honestly super excited about it :))

P.S.: The bottom pic is from one of the tests I made before finishing coloring Stiles and Derek ;D



the fact that the Late Show scrapped the interview they taped with Jeremy Piven, someone who has allegedly sexually assaulted multiple women, and replaced it with Ronan Farrow, the reporter who broke the Harvey Weinstein story is my absolute favorite thing. AND NOT JUST THAT, THE FACT THAT A STEPHEN COLBERT, A COMEDIAN, JUST BROUGHT UP ALLEGATIONS ABOUT WOODY ALLEN ON NATIONAL TELEVISION YES IM ALL HERE FOR IT. 

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My finished @stereksecretsanta piece for @goodoceangonewrong this past year!

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I feel like whenever women complain about men, they speak about things that men have done to them.

However when men complain about women, they speak about things that women HAVEN’T done FOR them.

I think that’s an important distinction.

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I hate to ask but im running out of school loans and we just had a sudden ignition issue with our car, which will be an unexpected expenditure once we get an estimate on fixing it. Christmas is coming up and it’s going to be super tight this year. If you can spare a few dollars, id appreciate it!

My paypal is

Thank you.

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“Not All Men” you’re right. Kevin Spacey would never do this

As it turns out, Kevin Spacey would in fact do this

This fuckin aged like milk

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Titanic where everything is the same but winona ryder plays Jack and we get to see her and Kate winslet fall in love

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i just feel like you guys should see this thread about foxes

For some reason, when biologists want to describe “the assemblage of morphological features shared among many members of a phylum-level group” we say bauplan. Which is German for “body plan.” But even if you don’t speak German you say “bauplan” anyway. So this is a very hilarious Social Media Discourse from someone who has forgotten that the word “bauplan” is an instant giveaway that you are actually a biologist and that makes it fantastic it’s like when robots try to pretend that they’re human but better

omg love

#yes good




My name is Stiles Stilinski and i used to be a spy.

When you’re burned, you’ve got nothing. No cash, no credit, no job history. You’re stuck in whatever city they decide to dump you. You do whatever work comes your way, you rely on anyone who’s still talking to you. Bottom line, until you figure out who burned you, you’re not going anywhere.


C4 is meant to be used, not stored.

When Stiles’s ex-handler tells him to stay put and lay low, she doesn’t mean “go out, get into a brawl with a drug cartel and blow up their warehouse”, but field work is always chaotic and people are often forced to improvise. On the bright side, it’s a big win for police and the people of Miami, because with $20 mil in lost product and chain arrests of everyone involved, the safest place for the gang is prison. On the other hand, huge plum of smoke and fire is bound to attract attention.


Flirtation is always a tactical option.

Detectives Hale and Parrish catch the Robin Hood a day after he dumps a local crime lord on their steps, gagged and bound with a obscenely pink bow slapped on his forehead. It’s a sheer dumb luck really- the man trips and literally falls into Derek Hale’s hands, planting his face right into the detective’s pecks after tripping on a wire. Detective Hale is an exemplary officer and in perfect physical condition, so the prep’s face is cushioned and doesn’t take any damage. It does however hit something in his head, because the prep - Stiles Stilinski- spends all interrogation shamelessly flirting with Derek. Derek is unimpressed and stoic as ever, and Parrish envies his poker face because - well, because pink tips of Derek’s ears betray that Stiles’s flirting tactics is actually hitting the target.


There are people you can trust.

Stiles Stilinski is whisked away by his lawyer-ex-handler Lydia Martin after she shoves a top-secret directive from DOD into Hale and Parrish’s faces and proposes an under-the-radar cooperation agreement between the spy and the law enforcement agency. Or, as Derek calls it, a pile of crap.

A pile of crap proves to be a surprisingly effective arrangement. While police are bound by law and regulations, Stiles is not bound by anything, including common sense. He goes undercover, bullshits his way out of any situation, beats up and maims should the occasion arise, and slowly but surely crawls into Derek’s heart.

Jordan isn’t blind and wishes Derek would act upon it, because Stilinski’s behavior screams that feeling is mutual, but Jordan also knows Derek’s history of horrific breakups, and falling in love with a disgraced ex-CIA who likes to dodge bullets and blow shit up might not be a good idea. So, Parrish keeps his mouth shut.


Don’t argue with destiny, it will kick your ass.

Parrish knows Derek is taken even when there are no cries for help or signs of struggle in Derek’s apartment. It’s 7 hours before a category 5 hurricane hits Miami, and Derek is nowhere to be found. The captain is worried too, but with all personnel deployed to assist in mandatory evacuations, there isn’t much the precinct can do except for waiting out the storm and hoping their detective is still alive when it’s over.

Parrish knows Derek won’t last that long, Argents are anything but merciful.

The thing is- he doesn’t have to fight them alone. And there is nothing more dangerous than a pissed off CIA.

Two hours before the landfall, Parrish is chasing down Derek’s cell signal when a car stops at the precinct’s door and dumps Derek on the steps. Derek is battered and bruised but otherwise fine, so Jordan grabs him, stuffs him into the car and hits the gas.

They are half-way to the safe zone when Derek finally speaks up.

“You, um… you do have his number, right?”

Jordan turns to his partner who suddenly looks very young, fiddling with his seat belt.

“Yeah, why?”

“I owe him a dinner.”

Parrish lets out a sigh of relief, thanks the heavens and looks back at the road.

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Netflix’s new site is a giant “f*ck you” to Comcast and Time Warner

Netflix launched a site late Wednesday night called, where — in one click — anyone browsing the internet can see how fast their internet speed is. Although it’s great for consumers, some internet providers might not be happy about the new website.

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Fuck Comcast

Netflix didn’t invent that it’s been around

Netflix didn’t invent speed checks, but this site is Netflix’s.

Okay, so here’s why Netflix speedtest is so brilliant. 

Most of us know about, right? Well Comcast and Time Warner know about it too. They know customers use it to check to see if they’re getting what they are paying for. Comcast techs even tell customers to check their speed with 

So, to make sure people think they are getting good speeds, Comcast and Time Warner prioritize traffic going to When you check your speed there it’s artificially inflated. That is NOT the speed you are getting when you browse tumblr and that is definitely not the speed you get when you watch Netflix. 

Comcast and Time Warner can not artificially inflate the results by prioritizing traffic to unless they also prioritize traffic to Netflix, and they definitely do not want to do that. 

That is so fucking slimy. Good for Netflix

Been using this for a while and recommending it to people, just for the ease of use alone



Not being open about your disability, sexuality, gender, or any sort of identity doesn’t mean you’re ashamed of it. Sharing details and being open can be scary, dangerous, or something you simply just don’t want to do. No one should make you feel like you have to share or that you’re less than for not being open about things. It’s your identity, no one else’s.

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